1. bridget-fish:

    I should be doing homework, but what am I doing instead? Watching a documentary about Bronies.

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  2. Finals.

  3. How to multiply large numbers.

  4. Pretty accurate, except they forgot Tumblr


  5. Getting A Care Package In College



    CUT FROM THE PICTURE Hogwarts Pictures  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkWM7KtzlVQ

    So so true hahaha

  6. spakiness:

    Couldn’t be anymore accurate.

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  7. College graduates everywhere

  8. therighteousdude:

    Graphs throughout your school career

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  9. thatonehaileyfishgirl:

    How is this even an issue?

  10. bgc-land:

    me during a math test

    The struggle is real.

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